Hey, I'm Marissa! I’m a Canadian software engineer living in San Francisco.

I’m building Instantish, a tool that lets you create high-quality GitHub issues collaboratively in Slack. DM me for early access.

Before Instantish, I led engineering at Zebra IQ until March of this year. I started my career as an engineer on Cloud at Google, and left to join the founding team at Spoke. I gave my very first conference talk at MongoDB World last year on how we built Spoke’s multi-platform chatbot. In college, a friend and I created a social group polling app called Swingset, and then I collaborated on a personal website builder for college students called Recsy with another friend.

I try to create something every day, even if it’s small. I like coding, reading, learning about investing, and playing poker. I really appreciate people who don’t take themselves too seriously. Often inspired by this.

Sign up for the early access for Instantish at .

Sign up for the early access for Instantish at